Elf Ranger – Lv2

Ashandir wears a dark headscarf that completely conceals her face, save for a thin strip of reddish brown skin and her piercing amber eyes. She wears loose, dark clothes over leather armor. Her forearms and shins are bound with thin strips of cloth, like bandages. Though her clothes are road-worn and plain at first glance, there are elaborate details (such as patterns in the fabric and leather, the craftsmanship of a buckle) that hint that she was once something more than a simple wanderer. Across her back is an imposing greatbow and quiver of arrows. She carries a scimitar and sickle sheathed at her sides. Despite all this equipment, she moves with an eerie, effortless grace.

She utterly lacks the carefree humour and gaiety that’s typically attributed to her race. She enjoys simple pleasures and solitude. She speaks little; when she does talk, her voice (heavily accented with elven) sounds strained, possibly due to an old wound. Rumor has it that Ashandir is covered from head to toe in horrible scars. She likes to eat and drink away from prying eyes, but those who have seen her face can confirm that there is at least some truth to this story. Some say she was a beautiful elven princess, punished for some crime she had committed, and she covers herself out of shame; others suggest that she worships a dark god and the wounds were self-inflicted. When pressed, Ashandir just says, “They’re from the War.”

It’s not very likely that Ashandir is, in fact, an exiled princess or the servant of a dark god. Those who have spent time with her and managed to pull conversation out of her have learned that she is a veteran ex-soldier from the elven lands of the Far West, where there was a bitter and terrible War that left her broken and scarred after many years of battle. Some time later, she left her home and travelled east with a caravan, protecting it on a long, arduous journey through dangerous territory until it arrived here, in Harphaven.


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