Bloodseep Hills

The Bloodseep Hills is a lightly forested hilly region just to the north of Harphaven and bracketing the north/south trade road. It gets its name from a bizarre unnatural property of the soil: when bled upon (when a character or monster is bloodied, or dies), thin muddy water gushes out from the immediate area (same square) and makes the ground treacherously slippery.

Rumours abound as to the source of this behaviour; all agree that the Bloodseep Hills have an evil reputation for good reason. The most popular supposes that the Bloodseeps were once home to a sinister cult (to Vecna, or Torog, or something even worse—the rumours aren’t consistent) that prominently featured human sacrifice in its rituals. This cult is said to predate the city upon whose ruins Harphaven is built, as evidenced by a number of standing stones and henges of ancient appearance scattered throughout the Bloodseeps. In any case, the frequency and horror of these humanoid sacrifices is said to have corrupted the very land, such that to this day it salivates at the taste of blood.

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Bloodseep Hills

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