Harphaven is a large village that supports a substantial local farming community. Rugged and independent, its inhabitants are happy to deal with outsiders (provided that those outsiders deal fairly), and Harphaven has made a name for itself among the traders and merchants who pass through it for the value of its goods and services.

Ostensibly part of the Barony of Stoneshadow, Harphaven is quite distant from Stoneshadow proper and most of its inhabitants pay the Baron no mind. Likewise, the Baron has mostly put Harphaven out of his concerns, as he has larger problems closer to home and Harphaven mostly takes care of itself.

Places in Harphaven

The Merchant Dirt (public square)

A roughly square section of ground where the trade roads meet and near the docks, this is where merchant caravans unload their goods and park their wagons. East of the Dirt is a haphazard cluster of warehouses, tanneries, stockyards, and so on where the new mercantile growth of Harphaven is taking place.

The Spitted Frog (tavern)

A rough and disreputable taphouse halfway between the docks and the Merchant Dirt, it caters to dockworkers, teamsters, porters, and travelling labourers on merchant caravans. Across from the Frog, on the south side of the road, is the Fat Toad Inn and Wayhouse, an affiliated joint with a somewhat more salubrious dining room and cheap dormitory-style bunks for rent. Both are good places to look for work with merchants or river traders, or listen for news from abroad.

The Barking Spider (tavern)

The only major inn on the west side of the river, the Barking Spider caters to “ordinary Harphaveners” rather than visitors. It juts out on the second terrace just north of the east-west trade road, and is often graced by eminent locals.

The Harphaven sewers (dungeon)

A proper dungeon, with treasure and everything. Might contain dragons if you believe the name of the game.

People of Harphaven




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